Just the Driver
Robert W. Kranz      

Born to be a traveller I am longing for a chance to further explore this world.
After having finally found the place in life to call "home" I am planning to take you with me on my next expeditions.
Expeditions to remote places in a Land Rover that I am going to custom build.
With the help of my friends and the support of Land Rover Germany you may become a part of these "travels without maps", be it on this website or as a reader of the upcoming articles and the book about this journey back in time.

See you soon

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Transsyberia Rallye 2007 / Mongolia -  © Robert W. Kranz
Sometimes you need a sign to find out where you belong. I never needed maps but now I know where to go and I would like you to join me.
In time I will upload my tavel reports from my overland journeys to Afghanistan and the Tribal Areas and my experiences with the Transsyberia 2007.
For inquiries please contact me directly!

© Robert W. Kranz  2000-2008
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